Cluster Power offers access to scalable and reliable data computing and storage capacity in the strategic region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our solutions come with extensive experience and have proven effective in a wide range of industries.

Solutions by industry
  • Netapp
  • Cisco
  • Hp

What we do

ClusterPower offers Smart Cloud & Compute services for large data deployments.

  • ClusterPower Colocation

    State of the art infrastructure certified by Uptime Institute.
  • ClusterPower Computing

    High performance computing environment.
  • ClusterPower Cloud Desktop

    Powerful resources with no hardware costs.
  • ClusterPower AI as a Service

    AI Platform powered by Nvidia and Netapp.
  • ClusterPower Managed Security

    Complete network and endpoint protection.
  • ClusterPower Cloud CCTV

    A security first solution for CCTV monitoring.
  • ClusterPower Universal Back-Up

    Low cost primary storage based on Veem and Exagrid technologies.
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Our Solutions by Industry

ClusterPower offers Smart Cloud & Compute services for large data deployments.

  • Automotive Industry

    Autonomous driving, connecting vehicles, mobility as a service, smart manufacturing.
  • Financial Services

    Predicting market trends, executing trades at high speeds and high volumes, detecting fraud.
  • Health Care and Life Sciences

    Streamlining and speeding access to critical clinical data to help deliver better patient outcomes.
  • Public sector

    Innovative AI data management solutions for public sector storage.
  • Oil and Gas

    Managing big data to improve decision-making, accelerate exploration, optimize production.
  • Media and Entertainment

    Managing, storing and accessing content for diverse media workflows.
  • Game Development

    The world’s leading game developers build games faster and reduce costs with highly efficient build farms.
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Technology Campus

At the very heart of the strategic region of Central and Eastern Europe

Located in Southern Romania, in a low seismic activity region, Cluster Power Technology Campus is equally distanced from the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea, and the Aegean, in a modern industrial facility using sustainable energy.

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