ClusterPower Universal Back-up

Implement your business continuity plan and say goodbye to the risk of business interruptions by having your on prem and cloud based data backed-up in a fast and secure way with ClusterPower Universal Back-up, powered by Veeam and Exagrid.

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Landing Zone Tier

  • Fastest backups – avoids inline deduplication bottlenecks
  • Fastest restores – no deduplicated data rehydration required

Retention Tier

  • Low-cost long-term deduplicated retention storage
  • Industry-leading 20:1 data deduplication – Global Deduplication
  • Retention Time-Lock for Ransomware Recovery

Scale-out Architecture

  • Fixed-length backup window as backup data grows
  • Eliminates forklift upgrades of scale-up architectures
  • Mix and match appliances – any age and any size
  • 7 different capacity sized appliance models

Disaster Recovery Site options

  • Can replicate offsite for DR
  • Cross replication from site A to B and B to A
  • Up to 16 sites in a hub and spoke topology

Ransomware Protection

  • Protected restores to counter malware attacks


  • RAID6 disk storage protection with a hot spare
  • Redundant power supplies Hot swappable

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