Automotive Industry

Digital transformation remains top-of-mind for auto companies, but the data-accessing struggle is real. From vehicle design to manufacturing, today’s auto sector runs on data. But, if it’s not connected and available, operations can’t run efficiently.

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Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is the holy grail of the automotive industry right now, but the challenges are significant. Each vehicle deployed for R&D generates up to 1TB of data per hour. Teams can expect to accumulate hundreds of petabytes of data as autonomous driving projects continue.

Connected vehicles

Vehicles use cellular and Wi-Fi connections to upload and download entertainment, navigation, and operational data. In the near future, we’ll also see cars connecting to each other, to our homes, and to infrastructure. AI will play a role in predictive maintenance, in-car assistance, recommendations for infotainment, and more.

Mobility as a service

Machine learning challenges in mobility as-a-service models are significantly different from those in autonomous driving; they include things like predicting demand, optimizing fleet efficiency, setting prices, and preventing fraud.

Smart manufacturing

Automotive companies must increase operational efficiency to free up capital for other investments. Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 technologies are key to streamlining business, automating and optimizing manufacturing processes, and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain.

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