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Powered by NVIDIA, ClusterPower Cloud Desktop Service empowers business innovation, offers cost control, increases agility and flexibility and ultimately leads to predictability and scalability.

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One way in which our virtual desktops can be superior to physical desktop machines is security. Data is stored in the CP Data Center and not on individual endpoint machines, which can allow for greater data security. If an endpoint device is stolen, it does not contain any data for thieves to access.


For organizations with a flexible workforce, virtual desktops have a clear advantage. IT administrators can quickly and easily allocate virtual desktops without the need to provision expensive physical machines to users who might only need them for a short time.


Because virtual desktops require less physical equipment and maintenance, they can be more cost-effective than physical desktops.

Easy management

An IT department can easily manage a large number of far-flung virtual desktops from a central location. Software updates are faster and easier because they can be done all at once instead of machine by machine.

Computing power

Thin clients are all that are needed for virtual desktops because the computing power for the desktops is coming from a powerful data center.


Scale down or up your cloud desktops based on your workforce fluctuations.

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