ClusterPower Storage as a Service

Based on NetApp powerful technology, ClusterPower Cloud Storage as a Service provides a scalable, secure, enterprise grade network file system. You can access the service by connecting any bare metal, VM or container instance from your ClusterPower environment. You can connect to the service from outside the ClusterPower cloud using any IPSec VPN over NFS, SMB, or both concurrently.

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Hybrid cloud

ClusterPower provides the leading unified SAN/NAS all-flash and hybrid storage appliances, and then leverage the same storage operating system to support both file and block services, allowing customers to consume cloud services where and how they choose—for backup, DR, test/dev, etc. This approach provides an agility and future-proofing that other vendors simply can’t touch.


NetApp delivers simple interfaces that can be used by an IT generalist while still offering expert-level capabilities, as well as a robust RESTful API set allowing for automation and orchestration. And NetApp systems are easy to support using AIOps technologies to automate risk detection and mitigation.


Performance is another factor that leads customers to choose NetApp over the competition. Not only does NetApp deliver exceptionally high IOPs with low latencies across our entire all-flash portfolio, but it also delivers consistent performance even as capacity grows, and inline storage efficiency features are in use.


Customers can trust NetApp, based on their extensive track record of decades of innovations and strong financials. They also look to the overall resiliency of platforms (increasingly driven by AIOps through NetApp®Active IQ®) to support the most critical business applications.

Non-disruptive support

By offering customers non-disruptive support for continued technology innovation, ClusterPower allows you to take advantage of new technologies, such as NVME, SCM, QLC, and many more, without having to execute costly and disruptive technology transitions.


Your data is available when you need it. ClusterPower reduces your downtime caused by power or equipment failure with its 2N Redundancy for all infrastructure components.

Service TypeDisk ValueValuePerformancePower
Max latency25msec4msec4msec1msec
Committed IOPS/TB12812820486144
Max IOPS/TB512512409612288
Price/GB/Month€ 0.015€ 0.03€ 0.09€ 0.2

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