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Data Protection Optimized VMs

When working with data, it's better to be safe than sorry, as threats are everywhere and can strike at any time. With Cyber Safe VMs designed for any type of business and all kinds of workloads, you get not only powerful compute resources, scalable memory and advanced storage fabric, but also cloud firewall, DDoS protection and back-up. Choose the package fit to your need.

Processing Optimized VMs

PowerNova VMs offer a balanced performance ratio for generic workloads. The PowerNova VMs have the highest levels of CPU processing power and optimal memory capacity for delivering smooth and reliable operations.These VMs are recommended for normal day-to-day computational simulations, machine learning, video rendering, and other intensive compute tasks.

NVME Optimized VMs

SuperCharge VMs offer the highest overall performance for applications and workloads that require high processing power, memory and lowest latency & top-performance storage capacity. The SuperCharge VMs deliver the greatest performance for the most complex data infrastructures: real-time data processing, high-performance databases, and applications with large amounts of I/O-bound data.

Storage Optimized VMs

DataCluster VMs offer great performance for storage intensive workloads which require low latency & high guaranteed IOPS.The DataCluster VMs are recommended for big data analytics, database systems, and data-intensive applications, which need the best performance and resilience powered by latest compute and storage technology.


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