CyberSafe ProGPU 32 VPS

CyberSafe ProGPU 32 VPS

919.00 / 36 months contracts1,039.00 / monthly, no commitment

RAM (GB)128
SSD Extreme NVME (GB) –
SSD Performance (GB)1000
SAS (GB)4000
Backup (GB)6400
Backup Licenses (per VM)4
Connectivity (Mbps)200
IP (public)4
DDoS Protection (Mbps)200
Firewall (Mbps)200
Nvidia T44


Best suited for…

Optimized for accelerated high performance computing workloads

  • CUDA-enabled ML training and inference
  • High-performance computing (HPC), NLP
  • Massively parallelized computation
  • Deep learning recommendation model (DLRM)
  • Video transcoding
  • Remote visualization workstation

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