CyberSafe Advance 32 VPS

CyberSafe Advance 32 VPS

1,469.00 / 36 months contracts1,596.00 / monthly, no commitment

RAM (GB)256
SSD Extreme NVME (GB)
SSD Performance (GB)800
SAS – HDD (GB)800
Backup (GB)3000
Backup Licenses (per VM)3
Connectivity (Mbps)300
IP (public)3
DDoS Protection (Mbps)300
Firewall (Mbps)300


Best suited for…

Consistently high performance for a variety of workloads

  • High Traffic web and app servers
  • Databases
  • In memory Caches
  • Ad Servers
  • Game Servers
  • Data analytics
  • Media streaming and encoding
  • CPU based ML training and inference

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